Blue Seersucker


As promised earlier this week, I brought you another classic spring/summer fabric pattern–seersucker. The seersucker fabric has been a mainstay in men’s fashion, especially  in the South, for decades. Commonly used for men’s suits and sportcoats, this fabric has crossed over into women’s and children’s fashion. Its lightweight cotton material makes it a popular choice in the summer as you can be fashionable while staying cool in the sun. The seersucker stripe can be found in green/white, pink/white, and a host of other combinations (I actually  own a pink/white seersucker suit…see below). But, the original blue/white stripe is probably the most recognizable–and oldest– variation. For this I used China Glaze Sea Spray (Anchor’s Away collection) and my trusty white Art Deco nail striper.

To show that seersucker is still very much in demand, here’s an example: a men’s sportcoat from the Polo Ralph Lauren Collection priced at a meager $1150. :-O!|Men|See+All&f=PAD%2FDivision%2FMen&kw=blue+seersucker&parentPage=search

This is probably one of the simplest designs I’ve done but I love it…simple is good sometimes, right? Hope you enjoy 😀

Blue seeksucker mani against my pink seersucker suit jacket…this picture came out creepy…like I photoshopped my hand onto a background. But I didn’t. Weird…

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I'm a nail polish fanatic and amateur nail artist. (Formerly The Nail Buff)

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