Snakeskin Manicure Posted on Nails Magazine’s Website

Today I saw a Facebook status update from Nails Magazine alerting everyone of a Color Club nail art contest for the 4th of July. I immediately went to the Color Club page and entered Stars and Stripes Forever. That be awesome if I won…*stares off dreamily*…

Oh, the actual point of this post! In the same Nails Magazine update they reminded everyone to submit their art for their 365 Days of Nail Art Blog. A few weeks ago I submitted several of my pictures to the editor for consideration. I figured now was as good as a time as any to check back to see if anything made the cut…and lo and behold, on June 15th’s post I found my Snakeskin Manicure picture! I’m Day 166! Click here to see it! I’m honored that they chose my art to feature on their blog…especially considering the other entries. I mean there are some folks that have downright fantasy-level nail art! Anyways, check out my art on there and scroll through the other entries if you’re looking for inspiration or just to be wowed.

The Snakeskin Manicure lives on!!


About The Enamelista

I'm a nail polish fanatic and amateur nail artist. (Formerly The Nail Buff)

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