Two Fall Trends In One


Well folks, it’s 62 degrees and rainy where I am which is a sure sign that I should be packing up the denim booty shorts and assessing my cardigan situation because it is FALL. I tackled 2 spring trends in one manicure earlier this year in this post. Here is my Two Fall Trends In One manicure –snow leopard and polka dots, in my Signature 1/2 and 1/2 manicure style. 😉 Now polka dots, much like the stripes in my spring trend mani, never go out of style. The color combinations may change with the season but polka dots are pretty much here to stay.

This mani was inspired by a Dolce & Gabbana dress that I found on my random internet search for fall fashion inspiration.

The dress retails for $879 but it is currently sold out on in case you were frantically searching for your debit/credit cards…lol

Now the snow leopard print has seen a recent uptick in popularity thanks to the women’s leggings that Lil Wayne rocked at the MTV Video Music Awards this year.

Check out the story on these leggings  here. They’re made by Tripp NYC, an NYC street fashion company, and are sold in boutiques the world over. And guess what? They only retail for $44! Now that, ladies and gents, beats $879 for a fall trend.

For this manicure I used China Glaze White Out and Wet n Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris. I used toothpicks to draw the snow leopard design and also for the white polka dots. Hope you all enjoy!





About The Enamelista

I'm a nail polish fanatic and amateur nail artist. (Formerly The Nail Buff)

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