Messing with wet nail polish and the work of The Best In Detroit Period


Last night, I attempted disturbing the surface of a coat of wet nail polish, a strange thought if you’re used to being afraid to move after you’ve applied a coat of polish for fear of smudges, dings or (God forbid) a fingerprint. I’ve seen nail art pictures where layers of wet nail polish are swirled with a toothpick to create a tie dyed pattern. I wasn’t interested in a complete tie dye manicure so I gave this concept a try on one nail just to see what would happen.

For this, I used Orly Passion Fruit as a base color on all of my nails. Next I applied a thick layer of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue and Celeb City from the same polish line soon after that. I then used a nail art dotter to make little slashes down to the pink base color layer. I kinda like this effect. This isn’t exactly how I thought it might have come out but I’m definitely going to explore this technique more in the future.


In other news, I’ve loved stiletto nails for months (see here and here) but I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to get them done professionally. If you saw my last nail art post, that was my first attempt at a professional stiletto nail job. The nail tech had no clue what I was talking about and those somewhere-between-round-and-pointy nails were the result. (-_-)

After a lot of internet searching I happened upon a page of a nail tech/makeup artist called Gemini Twin Shauwn Diva (“the best in Detroit period”) who specializes in them and does some of the most imaginative nail art I’ve ever seen. (P.S. I need to make up a grand nickname for myself…The Picasso of Pinkies seems too humble now :-P). Here’s the link to the facebook page of the salon. Let me tell you you can get everything done at this salon…it was like an assembly line of beauty.  I made an appointment to see her for two reasons: To finally get a full set of the stiletto nail tip shape I love and to observe how she does such interesting nail art. The girl is TALENTED. I took soooo many mental notes and I honestly feel that I’ll be able to step my game up based on what I observed in terms of what tools, techniques and supplies she used. I chose four nail polish colors (blue, pink, green, yellow), she chose complimentary nail art colors and items (green, pink, yellow, and black paint, a crackle polish, jewels, metal rings and chains…everything but the kitchen sink) and created the tiny masterpieces below…



My favorite is the cheetah print over the stripes!!!

Hope you enjoyed my experimentation and the work of the best in Detroit period. Have a great day folks 😀

About The Enamelista

I'm a nail polish fanatic and amateur nail artist. (Formerly The Nail Buff)

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