Personal Nail Challenge

So, as I’ve started painting other people’s nails, I realize that most folks want you to make up designs on the fly. Some give a color scheme they’d like, some give a broad idea and some come with no inspiration at all. Since many of my own designs are inspired by things I observe and I give myself all the time in the world to complete them, it’s sort of tough to just make up something cute on the fly…and quickly! I mean, people who want their nails painted don’t have time for me to sit and ponder. I clearly need to put serious thought into how I’ll go about things when my nails are not the canvases. But…

I realized very few other types of designers or artists would be asked regularly to create original pieces of art on the spot with little to no prep or inspiration as fast as possible. I began to consider the types of artists that DO create art in this way and off the top of my head, I thought of caricature artists. Think on it for a bit: A person sits down in front of them and they’re expected to draw the person well and add a bit of flair to make it special…quickly! The quicker the better, actually, since there’s probably a line of people waiting who want the same quality and special flair. To add difficulty to the craft, many of these artists work in permanent marker or similar tools so they’ve GOT to get it right the first time. Oh, and there are people walking by looking over you shoulder judging your work as you go. Sheesh! I’ve got a new-found respect for caricature artists. I thought about how much practice, trial and error it must have taken for these illustrators to get good at sketching faces quickly while adding a personal touch. How can I make aspects of their technique work for my own creations….?

Right now, my designs are the result of quite a bit of thought and even some practice on my own nails or blank artificial nail “canvases”. So in order to become more like caricature artists, I gave myself a personal challenge: pick some random colors that you normally wouldn’t necessarily see together and create one funky nail design. But I promised myself that once I committed to doing a certain design on the nail that I wouldn’t go back. I wouldn’t “erase” and start over. So there’s the result!

The colors I chose: Orly Pink Chocolate (a muted magenta), OPI Fly (a teal creme of the Nicki Minaj collection), OPI Did It On ‘Em (a yellow-green creme also Nicki Minaj/OPI), Orly Rage (metallic gold), Orly Liquid Vinyl (black). I added rhinestones, glitter and rings to the mix just to spice things up. So there’s the result!

I still need to get faster at executing the design but I think I’m off to a good start. Expect more personal challenges in the future. 😀

About The Enamelista

I'm a nail polish fanatic and amateur nail artist. (Formerly The Nail Buff)

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