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…you didn’t think you see on nails

Masai Plaid – Thakoon Fall Collection-Inspired Mani


Hellooooo out there! It’s been QUITE a while since I posted anything on here. I moved to back to my hometown which is farther away from work and became a “commuter”. My days are much longer and everything isn’t quite unpacked yet. But I have made a blog re-dedication plan so I’m back!! I’ve done a few designs since then and I kept my nails painted for the most part but I didn’t have anything that was blog worthy but I’m ready to get back on the ball.

So while looking for clothing inspiration for fall, I stumbled upon the Thakoon fall collection pictures and this fall jacket LEAPT off the page. That plaid is AWESOME! Let’s not talk about how the jacket is $2,450….*cough*. Here‘s a link to their fall lookbook.

But that pattern is gorgeous and as it turns out, it is directly inspired by the Masai tribe of Kenya, who use this red-blue plaid in their fashion. Shukas, as the Masai call them, are traditionally worn during the day to shield the sun and to protect from the cold at night.


For my nails, I used Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond (red), Sally Hansen HD Blu (blue), and Sally Hansen HD Cyber (purple) to mimic the color-blocking of the red-blue plaid.

Now if you’re interested in adding this pattern to your wardrobe for about 10% of the cost of that awesome fall jacket, Thakoon is offering a Masai Plaid scarf for $250 on their site and 100% of the proceeds are going UNICEF to fight hunger and malnutrition in the horn of Africa. I have to admit, $250 is pretty steep for a scarf but I appreciate Thakoon for using the beauty of this fabric to give back to those who need it the most. Check out the donation and scarf ordering page here.

Look for more fall fashion manicures on this site coming soon!

Paisley For Easter

Hi all! This Easter I’m sporting this fun paisley design :-D. The paisley pattern is a classic design and can be found as an accent or at the forefront of fashion pieces year-round. I decided to use bright colors for this mani since it’s actually feeling like spring outside.  I used China Glaze White On White for the base color and Orly Pixy Stix (coral pink), Dazzle (chrome silver), and Green With Envy (well…green) for the detailing. Now that I’ve finished this look, I’m ready to get out in the sun and enjoy the weather.

It’s the claw again…

Happy Easter everyone…I hope you enjoy your weekend!!

Blue Seersucker


As promised earlier this week, I brought you another classic spring/summer fabric pattern–seersucker. The seersucker fabric has been a mainstay in men’s fashion, especially  in the South, for decades. Commonly used for men’s suits and sportcoats, this fabric has crossed over into women’s and children’s fashion. Its lightweight cotton material makes it a popular choice in the summer as you can be fashionable while staying cool in the sun. The seersucker stripe can be found in green/white, pink/white, and a host of other combinations (I actually  own a pink/white seersucker suit…see below). But, the original blue/white stripe is probably the most recognizable–and oldest– variation. For this I used China Glaze Sea Spray (Anchor’s Away collection) and my trusty white Art Deco nail striper.

To show that seersucker is still very much in demand, here’s an example: a men’s sportcoat from the Polo Ralph Lauren Collection priced at a meager $1150. :-O!|Men|See+All&f=PAD%2FDivision%2FMen&kw=blue+seersucker&parentPage=search

This is probably one of the simplest designs I’ve done but I love it…simple is good sometimes, right? Hope you enjoy 😀

Blue seeksucker mani against my pink seersucker suit jacket…this picture came out creepy…like I photoshopped my hand onto a background. But I didn’t. Weird…

Pink Gingham


Easter is less than a week away and other than baby chicks and pastel-colored eggs, the gingham print really puts me in the Easter-Springtimey mood. It seems this pattern never really goes out of style whether it’s on little girls’ Easter dresses, mens’ shirts, picnic table covers or country living interior design magazines. To make it extra cheery, I chose 3 pink colors to create my design: China Glaze’s Oxygen for the base, Art Deco’s Baby Pink nail art striper for the lines, and OPI’s Hot-Hot-Hot for the dots at each line crossing.

This week I plan to do more spring/summer fabric patterns…I hope I can pull off the one I’m planning for Friday. *bites nails….but not really because this Pink Gingham mani is too cute*

Want to add some gingham to your wardrobe for the spring? Who better to help you with that than the classic American clothing store J. Crew? Check out this pink gingham shirt they have online now…

Happy Monday!

P.S. Isn’t gingham a funny word to pronounce?