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Humble Bragging

So there’s a term that someone I know on Twitter mentioned called “humble bragging” — the act of bragging on yourself but making it sound like you’re humble for whatever awesomeness you’re bragging about. An example might be, “I’m so grateful to be able to watch the sun rise from the penthouse floor of Trump Towers. It really is beautiful.” You see what I mean? So allow me to humble brag. If it wasn’t for the support of my friends and the interest this blog has gained on the internet, I would not have been able to provide you with this list of humble bragging examples. To everyone who has EVER viewed my blog, it REALLY means a lot to me. I’ve taken a hobby, and in a few short months, turned it into a blog that people seem to really like. I appreciate every comment, page view, suggestion, RT, FB post…EVERYTHING. You guys are friggin’ awesome!!! SO, on to the humble bragging.

1. My blog has surpassed 10,000 views.

Whaaaaaaaaaaa??? 10,000 page views?! In 4.5 months?! FOR MY AMATEUR NAIL ART?! Yeah that’s amazing. This is crazy to me.

2. The Optimus Prime manicure post has driven more traffic to my site than any other post and has almost 5,500 views!

okok, so I did time this post so that I put it up around the time that Transformers 3 came out. No secrets here. But this many views??! People are google searching ‘Optimus Prime’, seeing a link to an Optimus Prime manicure and they’re STILL clicking on it?! Craziness….awesome insanity…

3. 2 features on Nails Magazine’s website as a part of their ‘365 Days of Nail Art’ series and the year isn’t even done yet?!

Alright, so Nails Magazine is a professional nail artist/technician magazine and when I found out that they were posting 1 picture per day of nail art from folks all across the country (and probably the world), I decided to send in some pictures to the editor of the magazine…you know, just to give it a whirl. Check out my art on Day 166 (Snakeskin Manicure) AND Day 229 (Feather Manicure). SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! Click on the pictures to go straight to the Nails Magazine site and check out the other folks that they’ve featured!

4. Last but certainly not least, my Nail Art Challenge/Contest winner, Stephanie!

So a while ago, I started a Nail Art/Challenge Contest. O_0. I got REALLY busy and I haven’t been able to announce this but Stephanie is the winner! 2 folks suggested manicures as a challenge to me and the Essence Music Festival Double Moon manicure got the most page views! I will be giving her the prize of a bottle of Orly Bonder and a bottle of Essie quick-e nail drying drops, which was added on as a prize a bit later, this weekend! Woop woop!

Well, that’s all the humble bragging I can do at this time. It’s hard for me to believe I started this whole “show everyone my hobby” thing on April 1st, 2011 with a blog post with only a roughly-hewn vision statement. But here we are a few months later and look at all I have to humble brag about! Because of you! YES YOU…READING THIS POST RIGHT NOW! Thanks for everything….I’m definitely gonna keep this party going. 😀

With this blog, I thee post…

I’ve been creative for as long as I remember…from pencil/crayon drawing as a child to charcoal sketching and watercolor/oil/acrylic painting as I grew older. As an adult, I sort of happened upon using my nails as a canvas. I believe most artists can understand when I say that often the level of appreciation your art receives doesn’t come close to the amount of time and passion you put into creating it.

By using my nails as a canvas, I’m able to showcase my creativity in my daily life with designs that catch the eye. I’ve gotten smiles and nods of approval from women, young and old…raises of the eyebrow from ALL SORTS of people…and one elderly man stopped me in a store once, squinted at me, and said, “I don’t know how I feel about your nails.” Does it get any better than that?! I love it! Something as simple as a nail color or design can break people out of their tunnel vision and move them to actually speak to me, a complete stranger.

So I have to keep doing it…

Here’s a little basic nail product information regarding what “media” I use… 😀

Current Base: Orly Nail Bonder

Current Top Coat: Seche Vite Fast Dry

Current Color Collection includes shades by OPI, Orly, China Glaze, Sally Hansen, E.L.F., Sinful Colors Revlon and a bunch of other random ones…