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Less Extreme Stiletto Nails

I love short nails but lately I’ve had a desire for long nails to try out some different celebrity-inspired nail lengths, shapes, and designs–particularly the stiletto nail shape. The stiletto nail shape has been a nail trend lately for stars like Lady Gaga, Fergie, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Some nail enthusiasts would say “true” stiletto nails are even more pointy than the above examples. Just google “stiletto nails” and the image results are borderline frightening. It’s hard for me to find anything pointier than the above examples practical for real life considering you’ll have to go to the bathroom, get out wedgies and the like.

Last Friday, I was going to a formal but fun event and I wanted this less-extreme stiletto nail shape for the night. But my natural nails aren’t long and I really didn’t want to get acrylic or gel nail enhancements. After some research and experimenting, I found full nail/nail tip enhancements at Sally Beauty. First I matched up tips that fit the size of my natural nail bed, then I filed them into the less-extreme stiletto nail tip shape and pre-painted them.

I attached them to toothpicks to make them a bit easier to work with while I was painting them. For this look, I used China Glaze Liquid Leather, Up All Night, and Frostbite and Orly Luxe. The day of the event, I applied 2 coats of Top Coat to my natural nails, removed the nails from the toothpicks, put about 2 drops of nail glue on the back of each artificial nail and applied it to my natural nail by pressing down for a few seconds then releasing the pressure. I used 2 coats of top coat first in an effort to protect my natural nails. More about that later…

The end result? Funky, sexy stiletto nails for a night out on the town!

To make them even more funky, and inspired by Zoe Pocock’s Louboutin nails concept, prior to apply them I painted the underside of the nails with Orly Luxe.

So I went to my event, got lots of compliments and actually ended up wearing them until Sunday just because they were so fun! But alas, I had a hard time typing with them so I removed them. As it turned out, the 2 top coats I applied protected my natural nails! I had to do a bit of scraping with my thumb nails and wiping with acetone to get some of the nail glue off completely, but in the end, my natural nails were unaffected.

I will definitely be using this method again if I want temporary funky nails. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed a weekend of funky nails. đŸ˜€

If you liked this look, I’m now taking orders for custom nails! Check out the Custom Nails by The Enamelista page for more information.

Dark Denim

UPDATE 5-3-2011: This is Dark Denim Attempt #2!

As promised, I decided to give it another try with a different method. I used the same colors, layered in the same order but I used a fan paintbrush to streak the colors down the nail. This is more what I envisioned…trying to mimic the “grain” of denim. Welp, I think I’m gonna leave the denim attempts alone…I just scored some sweet polishes at Beauty First yesterday and one my friends wants me to do something “fancy” with OPI’s Black Shatter. Come back tomorrow…. đŸ˜€


Original post below….



It goes without saying that denim is a staple piece most everyone’s wardrobe year-round and the blog I go to for fashion inspiration, The Sche Report, highlighted denim as a hot trend for Spring/Summer 2011. But since its creation, when has denim not been popular? Just check out these looks that were found on the Spring 2011 runways of Stella McCartney, Dries Van Noten, Derek Lam, Celine and Akris.

In keeping with my goal of creating nail art that reflects spring fashion, I had to do at least one denim manicure — Dark Denim. I will admit, this look didn’t come out as denim-y as I would have liked. I actually used 4 nails colors to create this look: OPI Dating A Royal on bottom, then China Glaze Pelican Gray, Midnight Mission, and Up All Night sponged on top (I used a ripped up makeup application sponge), one-by-one, in that order to create a layered effect. I then finished with CND’s Super Matte top coat for authenticity since denim isn’t shiny. But I think the matte finish top coat dampened the denim effect I was going for. :-/


Here’s a close up of one nail…can you see the different layers? If you can’t, fear not. I’m determined to give you guys a better denim manicure. In fact, as I was writing this, I was already thinking of what I can possibly do…So check back tomorrow for an update — Dark Denim Attempt #2.