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Glitter Leopard

So I’m kind of obsessed with leopard print right now. Last spring I was stuck on stripes but right now? Leopard. Bear with me, folks…

For this design, I used a couple different types of gold glitter polish to create the sparkly base of this look. I concentrated the glitter towards the tip of my nail to give it an alternative french manicure appeal. Then drew on the leopard spots and Voila!

Note: I had the talons (stiletto nails) filed down to these much more friendly-looking square oval shapes. The men (and some women) who told me my nails were scary should be pleased, lol.

And normally, I wouldn’t show this, but the pinky nail of my right hand actually broke yesterday — along with my now long natural nails under the acrylic :`-( — and I haven’t fixed it yet but I really wanted to do this manicure last night. Soo….I modified the design for short nails. It’s kind of bootleg…I know….don’t judge me. 😉

Hope you enjoy.

Inspiration: The Kardarshians…clearly they understand my love for leopard O_o.