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Ombré Caviar Nails

So I took a brief trip into the world of caviar nails in my last post, but for this one, I wanted to go all out. Again, I wanted to do something different than how people are now using craft microbeads to create interesting texture on nails. Why not call on my good old friend, the ombré color scheme?

My microbead collection is pretty limited but I was able to find 3 complimentary blues and 3 complimentary pinks to create this look. The base nail polish color under the pink nails is OPI Pink-ing Of You and OPI Fly (from the Nicki Minaj collection) is under the blue one. The texture is *weird* and I’ve already had a few people do double-takes then touch my nails.  But hey, I gave up my personal space long ago when I started to put artwork on my nails. 🙂

Hope you all enjoy them too.

My coworker called them ‘braille nails’. Is that offensive? :-/

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Inspired Nail Design

Ever since I’ve become interested in nail art, I’ve looked forward to seeing how designers showing at the bi-annual Mercedes Benz  Fashion Week use nails to make a statement. But during the Fall 2012 Fashion Week (held February 9 – 16, 2012) I saw very few innovative, inspiring nail designs. In fact, quite a few designers opted for neutral-toned nails. Yawn. I did find ONE designer, however, that did some really interesting things with nails this year.

Would you look at these nails worn by models in The Blonds fashion show??!

Leather nails?! Nails covered in crushed glass/crystal?! Now I don’t know if I’d have the guts to cut up pieces of leather for everyday nails and crushed glass seems a bit unsafe…but check out the blue ombre nails in the picture below…They used very finely crushed glass and crystal, but what’s stopping me from using a very fine glitter to bring the look from the runway to real life? Nothing 🙂

For this manicure I painted the majority of my nails in Orly Fresh (a fun grassy green) and I used 3 shades of very fine glitter to create the crushed-glass-ombre effect. This was easier than working with glitter nail polish in terms of getting an opaque glitter finish, but much messier. I’m still pleased with the results.

Hope you enjoy!

Turquoise Ombre Cheetah Print

I’ll admit, I was doing a lot in this manicure. I mean an ombre (fading colors from light to dark) base color and ombre cheetah print all together? Well I love the turquoise/gold color combination. I also love ombre and animal prints. But all 3 in the same manicure? Why the heck not?

Ombre nails popped up on the runway this fall on Jen Kao’s Spring 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway show. CND (creators of the popular Shellac manicure) created 4 different ombre looks especially for her models. CND airbrushed nails for these looks but I find it pretty simple to do this look at home as long as you have a makeup sponge to help you blend one color into the next.

For my look, I used Orly Bailamos, Sally Hansen HD Spectrum, and Wet N Wild Fast Dry Teal of Fortune to create the teal ombre base color on the majority of my nails then Wet N Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris and Orly Luxe to do the black and gold cheetah print. On my pointer fingers, I used Orly Luxe for the base color then Orly Bailamos, Wet N Wild Fast Dry Teal of Fortune and Ebony Hates Chris for the ombre cheetah print.

I absolutely love this mani…hope you enjoy them too!