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Masai Plaid – Thakoon Fall Collection-Inspired Mani


Hellooooo out there! It’s been QUITE a while since I posted anything on here. I moved to back to my hometown which is farther away from work and became a “commuter”. My days are much longer and everything isn’t quite unpacked yet. But I have made a blog re-dedication plan so I’m back!! I’ve done a few designs since then and I kept my nails painted for the most part but I didn’t have anything that was blog worthy but I’m ready to get back on the ball.

So while looking for clothing inspiration for fall, I stumbled upon the Thakoon fall collection pictures and this fall jacket LEAPT off the page. That plaid is AWESOME! Let’s not talk about how the jacket is $2,450….*cough*. Here‘s a link to their fall lookbook.

But that pattern is gorgeous and as it turns out, it is directly inspired by the Masai tribe of Kenya, who use this red-blue plaid in their fashion. Shukas, as the Masai call them, are traditionally worn during the day to shield the sun and to protect from the cold at night.


For my nails, I used Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond (red), Sally Hansen HD Blu (blue), and Sally Hansen HD Cyber (purple) to mimic the color-blocking of the red-blue plaid.

Now if you’re interested in adding this pattern to your wardrobe for about 10% of the cost of that awesome fall jacket, Thakoon is offering a Masai Plaid scarf for $250 on their site and 100% of the proceeds are going UNICEF to fight hunger and malnutrition in the horn of Africa. I have to admit, $250 is pretty steep for a scarf but I appreciate Thakoon for using the beauty of this fabric to give back to those who need it the most. Check out the donation and scarf ordering page here.

Look for more fall fashion manicures on this site coming soon!

Optimus Prime-Inspired Manicure

Transformers is huge right now with the recent release of the 3rd movie installment ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. I still remember the Optimus Prime of old, though…when he looked like this.

I guess the creators of this millennium’s Transformers series thought ol’ Optimus needed an updated paint job because now he looks like this.

Well I love makeovers and I’m a fan of the red-blue flame look. The following picture (a real life rendering of Optimus Prime in his ‘disguise’) gave me inspiration for this manicure.

For this manicure I used the following colors:

Base color: China Glaze Jitterbug (gunmetal)

Red/Orange: Wet n Wild Fast Dry, Wet n Wild Fast Dry Everybody Loves Redmond, Essie Forever Young, China Glaze Phat Santa [I used as the base color the sponged on the other 3 colors one after the other in order to create that fade from orange to dark red]

Blue Flames: Wet n Wild Fast Dry Saved by the Blue

Aaaaaand it’s an Enamelista Signature mani so it looks different dependent upon the angle you view my hands. I hope I did Optimus Prime proud. Transformers was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. 😀

Essence Music Festival – Double Moon Manicure


Well folks, this is the 2nd of 3 suggestions for my Nail Art Challenge Contest. Stephanie suggested that I do a manicure for this weekend’s Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. As soon as she said New Orleans, I immediately thought of Mardi Gras colors…yellow, green, and purple. I thought of Bourbon St., rich with vibrant colors and sounds…alive with history and culture.

With so much inspiration to pull from, it took me quite a while to figure out what I wanted to do. And I really wanted to incorporate an existing nail trend into this manicure. I actually tried another design Tuesday night, wore it on Wednesday but I really didn’t like it. Last night, I decided upon the “moon manicure” which is also known as the “reverse-French manicure”. In a moon manicure, the moon—that lighter crescent  at the base of each nail—is either left unpainted or it is painted a contrasting color to the rest of the nail. Check out this Google Image Search for examples. The moon manicure has been around for a few years though, and I didn’t really have a desire to do it…until  now. I needed a way to paint my nails 3 colors without using a striping technique (which I think I do too much of as it is…). So for this manicure, I painted on a base color:  2 coats of Wet n Wild Fast Dry The Wonder Yellow. Next I carefully created a crescent shape at the base of each nail with Wet n Wild Fast Dry Sage In The City. Then, I used Wet n Wild Fast Dry Buffy the Violet Slayer to paint the majority of my nail, being careful to create a 2nd crescent of green. I wanted it to appear like the yellow was transitioning into green which then transitions into purple. Last I painted a pair of eighth notes on my ring finger using The Wonder Yellow.


There you have it…my Essence Music Festival Double Moon Manicure. I hope Stephanie likes it!!

Peach Rings Update

Last night, a friend — and nail art fan — commented that I should use glitter to mimic the sugar on the peach rings and I thought that was a BRILLIANT idea. I did some experimenting on my right hand and after testing out a few methods, I decided on a very thin coat of Orly Tiara on top of yesterday’s mani. I wanted to post these pics last night but I had a feeling that sunlight would show it off better and I was right. 😀 I think the glitter mimics the sugar pretty well and it also adds quite a bit of shine to the overall look.


Sadly I didn’t have any peach rings for props in this photo because I ate them yesterday as soon as I was done taking pictures….

Peach Rings

Well the weather is getting warmer so it’s time to break out some brights for summer! Yesterday on Twitter, the trending topic #childhoodmemories really reminded me about all of fun and simple things that made me happy as a child. Now I’m not a huge fan of candy but I have a few favorites and one is Peach Rings.

Who remembers these?! Better yet, who still eats these?! I haven’t had Peach Rings in years but they still taste the same all these years later. For this mani, I applied a base coat then 2 coats of Orly Lemonade. Next, I applied a very sheer coat of Wet n’ Wild Fast Dry then waited until it was dry to sponge a bit more orange on about 2/3 of each nail. After that, I applied a sheer coat of China Glaze Cherry Pie on 1/3 of my nail over the and sponged more on that third once was dry. Lastly, I applied a top coat and Voila! A Peach Rings-inspired nail art design!

This manicure looks sooooo pretty in the sun, folks. I hope you enjoy!

It’s the clllaaaawwww! With a Peach Ring!!

My Collection

There are two reasons why I felt now was a good time to post pictures of my collection.

1. Yesterday, I almost bought a color that I already owned. Something about the color in my hand seemed familiar and I’m glad I put it back before buying it because I would’ve been quite disappointed once I got home. It has come to a point where I actually don’t know what I own and what colors I’d still like to add to my collection. Time to reorganize my nail polish collection, eh?

2. Also yesterday, @OPI_PRODUCTS on Twitter asked its followers “What does your collection look like?”. I’ve only been really interested in keeping up with nail trends/collections for a little less than a year, but in the last 6 months my collection has exploded. Here’s a little photo timeline of my collection over the past six months.

December 2010

I had just gone from keeping my nail polishes in my linen closet on a little tray to a plastic shoe box. I was so proud of myself!

But by March 2011 one shoe box was no longer enough. I had also begun amassing lots of other supplies (nail polish remover, q-tips, fabric, etc) that could not be contained in 1 shoe box.

This was a mess, so I bought one more plastic shoe box to solve the overcrowding problem.

By April 2011 even 2 plastic shoe boxes wasn’t enough, so I found these little shelving units and bought 3 of them.

While they were effective at storing my nail polish, they were not good for displaying them because I had to pull each drawer completely out of the frame to see all the polishes.

Sooooo after watching some YouTube videos on  how other nail polish addicts keep their polishes organized, I decided on two 3-tiered cabinet shelving units from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to display my collection.

Here it is as of 5-9-2011 😀

I set them all up on a side table next to my couch. I actually had to stand up on my couch and shoot this picture downwards to get everything in the shot.

Here’s a pic from the front.

And from the back…Look I have more space!

Row #1 – Base coats, top coats, nail treatments, glitter top coat, shatter top coats, nail art stripers

Row #2 – Orly (16)

Row #3 – Essie (5), OPI (8 full size, 3 minis), 7 Wet n’ Wild Fast Dry

Row #4 – China Glaze (20)

Row #5 – China Glaze (8), Nina Ultra Pro (1), Ulta Professional (2), Barielle (1), Wet n Wild Megalast (1)

What’s not shown? My supplies — nail polish remover, foil for glitter polish removal, lace, tulle, nail clippers, nail files, nail polish thinner for reviving old polishes, paintbrushes, dotting tools, etc.

In the end, I had to make some tough cuts. Many of the non-professional, drug-store brand polishes were left in a plastic shoe box. I only anticipate using those colors if I need extra detailing for nail art.

So how do you display your collection??